As these new regulations came forward, a growing number of our clients want to continue participating in the revenue earned on Airbnb.

Short Term Rental Rules

Residents and property owners are renting out rooms or entire units for short periods (less than 28 days) in growing numbers across Toronto, facilitat......

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Why Hire a Short-Term Rental Management Company in Toronto?

Owning a rental property can be financially rewarding, however, it requires a large commitment of time and effort, managing and maintaining the proper......

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What’s the Outlook on the Short-Term and Long-Term Rental Market in Toronto

Due to COVID-19, nearly every industry in the world has been impacted for better or worse, and as a result, have had to adapt to municipal health and ......

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Relevance of Hiring a Property Manager Today

Have you been thinking about earning extra money by making your property available as a short term rental? The idea of extra cash in your pocket is pr......

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Next Level Airbnb – with Professional Photographs and Interior Decorating!

Invest in short-term rental properties, they said. It’s a lucrative side hustle that doesn’t involve too much work, they said. Perhaps you even co......

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