Is Airbnb Ruining Long Term Rental Market in Toronto

There is an ongoing debate about whether Airbnb and other short-term rental platforms are negatively impacting the long-term rental market in Toronto, as well as in other cities around the world.

On one hand, the rise of Airbnb has made it easier for property owners to generate income from their properties, which can make owning and maintaining a property more financially viable. However, this has also led to a decrease in the number of available long-term rental properties, as more properties are being converted to short-term rentals instead.

Some argue that this has led to a shortage of affordable long-term rental units, making it more difficult for renters to find suitable housing. In Toronto, there have been calls for tighter regulations on short-term rentals, particularly in popular neighborhoods where short-term rentals are most prevalent.

Proponents of short-term rentals argue that they provide an alternative to traditional hotels and can benefit the local economy by bringing in tourism dollars. They also argue that many short-term rentals are owner-occupied or only rented out occasionally, and do not compete with long-term rental units.

Ultimately, the impact of Airbnb property management Toronto is a complex issue that requires careful consideration of both the positive and negative effects. It will be up to policymakers and stakeholders to strike a balance that allows for responsible and sustainable use of short-term rental platforms while also ensuring adequate affordable long-term rental housing is available for residents.

What Happens If Guests Destroy My Airbnb

If guests cause damage to your Airbnb property, you may be entitled to compensation for the cost of repairs or replacement. Here’s what you should do if you discover damage to your property after guests have checked out:

Document the damage: Take photos and/or videos of the damage as soon as possible, before making any repairs or cleaning up. This will help you provide evidence of the damage to the guests and/or Airbnb.

Contact the guest: Contact the guest and inform them of the damage, providing them with photos and/or videos if possible. You can also ask them to pay for the cost of repairs or replacement. Be sure to communicate professionally and politely, as the guest may not have been aware of the damage they caused.

Contact Airbnb: If the guest is unresponsive or refuses to pay for the damage, you should contact Airbnb to report the incident. Airbnb has a host guarantee program that provides up to $1 million in property damage protection, subject to certain terms and conditions. You will need to file a claim with Airbnb and provide evidence of the damage, including photos and/or videos.

Obtain estimates for repairs: Obtain estimates for the cost of repairs or replacement, and provide these to Airbnb as part of your claim. Airbnb will review the claim and determine whether you are eligible for compensation.

It’s important to note that prevention is always the best course of action when it comes to damage to your Airbnb property. Be sure to set clear house rules and expectations for guests, and consider taking a security deposit to cover any potential damages. Additionally, it’s a good idea to conduct a thorough inspection of your property before and after each guest stays to document any damage. You can also consult with an expert who provides Property management service in Toronto to keep properties in good condition.

What Insurance Do I Need To Run An Airbnb?

Running an Airbnb or any short-term rental business comes with certain risks, so it’s important to have adequate insurance coverage to protect yourself and your property. Here are some types of insurance you may need as an Airbnb host:

  • Homeowner’s insurance: You should check with your homeowner’s insurance provider to ensure that your policy covers short-term rental activity. Some policies may require additional endorsements or riders to cover short-term rentals, so it’s important to verify your coverage with your insurer.


  • Liability insurance: Liability insurance protects you in case a guest is injured on your property or causes damage to someone else’s property. Airbnb provides Host Protection Insurance to eligible hosts in many countries, which covers up to $1 million in liability claims. However, this insurance does not cover all types of claims, so you may want to consider additional liability insurance coverage.


  • Property insurance: Property insurance protects your property.

These are some of the insurances you need to have when you are running an Airbnb. Always consult with an experienced insurance provider who will guide you in the same. Having insurance falls under the Property management service in Toronto.

How to Create an Effective Airbnb Listing

Creating an effective Airbnb listing is essential to attracting guests and achieving high occupancy rates. Here are some tips for creating a listing that will stand out and attract potential guests:

  • Use High-Quality Photos: The photos of your property are the first thing that potential guests will see, so it is important to use high-quality, well-lit photos that showcase the best features of your property. Make sure to include photos of all the rooms and amenities. It falls under the category of Airbnb property management in Toronto. 
  • Write A Compelling Description: Your property description should be detailed, accurate, and engaging. Highlight the key features of your property, such as location, amenities, and unique characteristics. Use descriptive language and include any special offers or promotions.
  • Set Competitive Pricing: Research the local market to determine what similar properties are charging, and set your pricing accordingly. Be sure to factor in any additional fees, such as cleaning or service charges.
  • Be Responsive To Inquiries: Be responsive to inquiries and respond promptly to any questions or concerns that potential guests may have. This will help build trust and confidence in your property and increase the likelihood of bookings.
  • Highlight Positive Reviews: If you have received positive reviews from previous guests, include them in your listing to build credibility and trust with potential guests.
  • Offer Special Touches: Providing special touches such as complimentary snacks, and local information or offering additional services like airport pickup and drop-off can make a huge impact on guests.
  • Keep Your Calendar Up-To-Date: Make sure to keep your availability calendar up-to-date to avoid double bookings and ensure that potential guests have accurate information about your property. If the listing and short term rental management in Toronto is done in the right manner, you can attract more guests. 

By following these tips, you can create an effective Airbnb listing that will attract potential guests and help you achieve high occupancy rates for.

How an Airbnb Property Management Offers Better Rental Experience

Airbnb property management involves the management of properties that are listed on the Airbnb platform by property owners. The management of these properties can be done by the owners themselves or by professional property management companies. The goal of Airbnb property management Toronto is to ensure that the properties are well-maintained and attract guests who are looking for short-term accommodation.

The Key Responsibilities Of Airbnb Property Management Include:

  • Listing Management: Property managers will create and manage Airbnb listings for property owners. This includes writing descriptions, taking photographs, and setting up pricing and availability calendars.
  • Guest Communication: Property managers will respond to inquiries and bookings from potential guests. They will also communicate with guests before, during, and after their stay to ensure that their needs are met and any issues are resolved quickly.
  • Housekeeping and Maintenance: Property managers will oversee the cleaning and maintenance of the properties. This includes ensuring that the properties are clean, well-stocked, and in good repair.
  • Check-in and Check-out: Property managers will be responsible for meeting guests upon arrival, giving them a tour of the property, and answering any questions they may have. They will also manage the check-out process and ensure that the property is left in good condition.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Property managers will promote the properties on various channels, including social media and online travel agencies, to attract new guests.

In exchange for these services, property managers typically charge a fee or a percentage of the rental income. Property owners can benefit from using a property manager by having a hassle-free experience with their rental properties, while also ensuring that their properties are well-maintained and generate the maximum amount of rental income possible.

Other Qualities Of Property Managers You Need To Check

The most important quality for a short-term rental property manager is the ability to provide exceptional customer service. As a property manager, you will be responsible for ensuring that your guests have a positive and memorable experience during their stay.

To achieve this, a property manager must be able to communicate effectively with guests, respond to their needs promptly and professionally, and provide a high level of service that exceeds their expectations. This includes being responsive to guest inquiries and requests, providing helpful and accurate information, and addressing any issues that arise in a timely and efficient manner.

Other important qualities for a short-term rental property manager include strong organizational and administrative skills, knowledge of local regulations and compliance requirements, marketing and promotional expertise, and the ability to manage the financial aspects of rental Property management services in Toronto or other areas, including pricing, billing, and bookkeeping.

Ultimately, the success of a short-term rental property manager will depend on their ability to balance the needs of their guests with the needs of the property owner, while ensuring that all aspects of the rental property are well-maintained and managed in a professional and efficient manner.

Next Level Airbnb – with Professional Photographs and Interior Decorating!

Invest in short-term rental properties, they said. It’s a lucrative side hustle that doesn’t involve too much work, they said. Perhaps you even convinced yourself that you could perform property management yourself. Probably, the first thing you did outsource was cleaning and guest turnover services. Then came the maintenance calls while you were at work, guests calling at all hours with random questions, or perhaps you even got some bad reviews. Or, maybe your Airbnb property is just not attracting a lot of guests, and you haven’t been generating as much revenue as you thought you could.

There’s a lot to unpack in the previous paragraph, and hopefully, not all of it applies to you! Regardless of how poorly things might be going, or even if they are going relatively well, the whole point is to be the best and generate maximum revenue from your short-term rental property.

How to do property management for Airbnb.

Toronto has a significant Airbnb market, and you will be competing with all the other investors to attract guests to your short-term rental property. You can decide to become your own Airbnb property manager, especially if you’re going to go all-in as an Airbnb host, owning and managing your properties as a full-time gig. For everyone else, if you don’t have the time, expertise, or the desire to do it yourself, you have to find a way to stand out from the competition while still keeping your day job. In this case, you need to outsource to a property management company!

Airbnb property management services have flourished alongside Toronto’s Airbnb market. They provide property management services to the many investors seeking outside help to manage their properties efficiently and profitably.

What does an Airbnb property manager do?

This will depend on the property manager, but most will offer a variety of services related to your short-term rental. Managing bookings, greeting and handing over keys to guests, cleaning properties after guests leave, ensuring the property is ready for new guests, and taking care of maintenance issues, are some of the basic tasks that a professional of property management in Toronto performs.

But other value-add services must not be overlooked to maximise your revenue. Before you can get the first booking, you need to put your best foot forward. There is stiff competition for Airbnb guests in Toronto, and you need to put a product on the market that will bring in the bookings!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Even though location is arguably the most important factor for prospective guests, the visual appeal of the property is also up there on the list. Gone are the days of Airbnb guests being satisfied with a mattress on the floor, or your tiny spare bedroom. You are competing with hotels and motels. You are competing with other accommodation providers to attract guests, and you can do this by offering a home-away-from-home experience with hotel-like amenities. In this case, looks do matter!

Professional photographs are a must!

Take these two pictures as an example. They are pictures of the same apartment. In both cases, pictures show the kitchen. The picture on the left has not made use of proper lighting. The under-cabinet lights make the cabinets above and below look washed-out and gray. The picture on the right makes use of the lighting coming through the large kitchen window. The cupboards look white and vibrant, and you can clearly see the appliances and gadgets that are available. These two pictures demonstrate the importance of professional photographs as a tool for marketing your Airbnb property and standing out from the competition.Photographs make a difference between guests scrolling past your listing or clicking on it.

Inviting interiors bring in the guests!

In addition to the magic that a photographer can create with proper lighting and professional equipment, it also matters what there is to photograph. Again, this can be demonstrated with photos. On the left is a picture taken by an Airbnb host to showcase their apartment. Sure, this living room has a comfortable couch and large flat-screen television. It’s not bad, but the apartment looks sparse and boring, functional but uninviting. In the picture on the right, the lighting is, of course, that much better. But to make the apartment look attractive, comfortable, and inviting, there is a striking piece of art, some pops of colour, and a mirror on the wall that all work together to make the space feel much more like home.

Find Airbnb Property Management in Toronto that offers more!

There are many Airbnb property management companies out there in the Toronto area that offer the usual services. A property manager that provides value-added services, including interior design, as well as professional photography and marketing service, is less common and will make a massive difference. At Easyhosts, we have a proven track record of taking short-term rental properties to the next level. The next level means both increasing bookings and increasing revenue.

Of course, Easyhosts provides the basic services of Airbnb property management in Toronto. We’ll keep track of your bookings, ensure efficient turnover between guests, and ensure that each guest has an excellent experience while staying at your property. Guests will consistently experience a well-maintained, clean and pristine apartment.

Beyond this, we offer so much more! We’ll work with your budget to use interior decoration to maximize the features and attractiveness of your property. We work with talented designers who’ll take your property from “Meh!” to “WOW!!!” Then, we’ll bring in a photographer to find the best angles, the best lighting, and the most attractive aspects of your apartment!

Contact us to take your Airbnb to the next level!

We look forward to letting you know what we can do with your Airbnb property! We know how important it is to put your best foot forward and maximize revenue in the Toronto Airbnb market. We offer you our experience and track record in creating a product that attracts guests and makes you money.

Relevance of Hiring a Property Manager Today

Have you been thinking about earning extra money by making your property available as a short term rental? The idea of extra cash in your pocket is probably enticing but you’re probably asking yourself if it is really that easy? Whether you’re intending to only rent out your principal residence a few times a year when you’re out of town or whether you’re thinking of setting something up on a larger scale with multiple properties, it is important to think about what it takes.

The sharing economy is still a business.

The idea of the sharing economy, of sharing spare time, resources or assets, as a way to make extra money on the side should not be seen as something casual or informal. You still have to run things like a business. In the same way that you expect your Uber to be spotlessly clean and your driver to be knowledgeable and friendly, people booking a short term rental expect to stay in a property that is clean, well maintained and that contains everything they need for their stay.

Increasingly, short term renters are expecting hotel or Bed & Breakfast level service. However, if you’re a small operator, perhaps with only one property, you have to think about how you’re going to run things.

Can you do everything yourself?

What happens when a guest needs a lightbulb replaced, there’s no hot water or an appliance breaks? If your guests were staying in a hotel, they would make a call to the front desk and the hotel is sure to have spare lightbulbs and appliances on-site and a plumber on call. When you are renting out your property as a short term rental, you have to think of these things too. Perhaps you can rush over to the property with a spare lightbulb or run to the store to get a replacement hairdryer? How quickly can you find a plumber in an emergency?

In between each guest, the property also needs to be cleaned, bedding and towels need to be replaced and trash needs to be taken out. If you are managing your short term rental on a full-time basis this might not be a problem, but if you have a full-time job or you’re specifically renting out your property while you’re out of town, what can you do?

The benefits of hiring a property manager.

One option of managing your short term rental is to hire a property manager. A property manager, particularly one specialised in short term rental management, can help to optimise processes such as cleaning between guests, doing maintenance checks regularly and having service providers on-call for repairs when things do go wrong.

If you’re in Toronto, you can give us a call at EasyHosts to find out more about our short term rental management services in Toronto. If you’re not ready to hire a property management company yet, make sure you develop checklists for everything to make sure you’re always on top of things. Everything is possible when you have a plan and a system!

What’s the Outlook on the Short-Term and Long-Term Rental Market in Toronto

Due to COVID-19, nearly every industry in the world has been impacted for better or worse, and as a result, have had to adapt to municipal health and safety regulations of their region. With far fewer tourists entering the city, fewer people traveling to the downtown core for business, it has become much more competitive for Toronto property owners to attract long-term tenants at a good price. The short-term rental management in Toronto is making things easier for property owners.

There hasn’t been a better time to be a renter in downtown Toronto in years.  For example, the vacancy rate in the city has hit a 50-year high, and year-over-year prices are down in a big way. According to the February 2021 Rent Report, the average rent for a one-bedroom in Toronto is down 21.9%.

In addition to covid lockdowns, government regulations on the short-term rental industry have taken effect. You can only rent short-term it is your principal residence, a lot fewer short-term rentals are advertised on booking platforms such as Airbnb.

This opens a huge opportunity for owners to earn rental income from month-to-month bookings or short-term accommodations (under 28 days) on sites such as Airbnb. Many owners do not want to go through the hassle of completing background checks for potential tenants, gathering employment information, credit history, and references. short term rental management in Toronto such as Airbnb handles all the payments and the money is guaranteed. No lease agreement needs to be signed, and before you accept a potential guest, you can look at their previous reviews to have peace of mind they will be reliable and will follow the property rules. The 1 million dollar insurance policy that Airbnb provides is also a huge perk in case property damages were to occur,

Renting out month to month or short term (under 28 days) also lets you make seasonal pricing which gives the owner the benefit of earning more income throughout the year. Tenants also feel more comfortable renting for a month before they commit to a longer term. Once the tenant settles in, the property owner and tenant can build a trusting relationship and negotiate a longer stay through the Airbnb platform or through a short-term rental management service in Toronto.

Why Hire a Short-Term Rental Management Company in Toronto?

Owning a rental property can be financially rewarding, however, it requires a large commitment of time and effort, managing and maintaining the property while attracting the best tenants. We are at a time of economic uncertainty due to COVID-19 lockdowns which have greatly impacted the market of rental management services in Toronto. More rental listings have become available in the market, and demand for these properties has slipped due to the drop in tourism, immigration and residents fleeing the city core for more space in urban areas. As a result, it has become increasingly competitive for property owners to find good reliable tenants at the best rental price.

Easyhosts’ job is to make sure your property stands out and is effectively marketed to a large audience while looking after the day-to-day responsibilities and management of the property. A common concern for most property owners is whether or not short-term rental management companies in Toronto can handle the full volume of work required to market their real estate and keep up with the high turnover. On top of all that, the host needs to ensure proper and consistent contact with guests, negotiate the price, and maintain the property in tip-top shape at all times. Easyhosts has had over 5000 check-ins to date; we’ve seen it all. We guarantee that our full-service rental management team will make the entire process from start to finish hassle-free for you.

When it comes to attracting the best tenants at the best price, having a listing that has consistently earned high praise and positive reviews from guests will go a long way. These positive reviews can be best achieved by hiring professional rental management services in Toronto from Easyhosts, who will always put in the required time and dedication to enhance every guest experience.

Many concerns we hear property owners have with a professional short-term rental management company in Toronto is that they may lose full control of their property. What separates Easyhosts from other management companies is our full transparency with each client. The owner dictates the responsibilities they want Easyhosts to have, and we will tailor our management agreement with each host individually depending on their needs. We are always available to meet with owners to discuss our partnership, and make sure their goals are being met.