Property Hosting Services

It can be difficult to get a reliable tenant for a short period of time when you begin property hosting in Toronto. There are several screening standards and individual requests that present themselves before the reservation is confirmed. Having provided property hosting services in Toronto for many years, we are well prepared and we understand your concerns. If you want to fill a vacancy and you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work required to find the best tenant for the best price we are here to relieve you from all hassles. We will assess the property, facilitate repair work and cleaning, provide design and setup, market the listing, find the best tenants, and keep consistent communication with guests and property owners throughout the entire process. With our plan, you will maximize your online presence, maintain high-quality reviews, and be financially rewarded for deciding to host with us. We always want property owners to feel in control of their investment at all times, we will work with you to build the property hosting service that best suits you. We ensure security, and peace of mind when you choose to host with our property hosting service in Toronto.

Full Access

You keep full control of your property.

Peace of Mind

We only select guests who meet our rigorous safety and security standards.


Book off dates for your family and friends. We run on your schedule!

Year-round Profit

Maximize the return on your real estate investment no matter the season.


Benefit from our experience in real estate, rentals, law, and banking.


We’ve provided 5-star service to over 5000 guests and owners from all around the world.